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How it Works

The basis for the Young Health Shake is derived from science originally found in the 1931 Nobel Prize for medicine – and basic Physiology & Biochemistry of how our body is designed.

The Young Health Shake works to restore your body at the cellular level.

The Young Health Oil Blend works at the cellular level to deliver oxygen to the cell, which translates to increased vitality and overall health.

The shake also contains 25-30 grams of protein in each serving. This cold processed protein plays a key role in helping to remake the outer coat of the cell membrane. The protein and oils need to be blended together because unless oil is emulsified into a protein, your body will not be able to use the Omega 3, 6 & 9 oils. (Nobel Prize – 1931)

Included in this kit:

These ingredients, put together in one or two Young Health Shakes a day, can dramatically change your health by simply getting to the root of the problem of unhealthy cellular function and providing all the essential nutrients your cells need to create a healthy body.

Watch the video below for more information: