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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How soon will I start feeling benefits?
A: 1-2 wks. Typically

Q: Do I have to stay on the program forever?
A: No, however embracing the principles of this program as a lifestyle can pay dividends for years to come. Many continue to feel great staying on a daily shake or even 3-5 per week.

Q: Will I lose weight on the program?
A: As with most people, if you adhere to the program, you will lose weight. We recommend using half the amount of oil.

Q: Can I use the shake as a meal replacement?
A: Yes, for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. We recommend having 1-2 Young Power Shakes per day (only one with oil), either as a meal or a snack.

Q: Do I have to drink the shake right away?
A: The shake is good for 8 hours if refrigerated.

Q: Do I have to use an electric blender?
A: Just make sure the oil blends thoroughly with the protein powder.

Q: What makes your protein powder different from others on the market?
A: The Young-Power “Biologically Active” proprietary whey protein is very unique and of superior quality. It is cold processed (non-denatured) and prepared with milk from herds that graze on pesticide-free, chemical-free natural grass pastures. Our cows are never given hormones of any kind and never fed genetically modified foods. Young-Power Protein is also completely chemical free. The result is the highest quality protein supplement, rich in immunoglobulins and lactoferrin and free of artificial flavors and sweeteners. The polypeptides available through our cold processed whey are critical for proper organ functioning as well as proper food fueling. It is the best protein available for the money.

Q: Can the protein powder be mixed with other liquids?
A: We recommend mixing the powder with almond milk or water. Whole milk and 2% milk can be used also. (Skim milk is not recommended because the components in it make it difficult to remake the cell membrane).

Q: Seems like a lot of protein, why so much?
A: We use what the physiology text books recommend which is 1 gram of protein per 2lbs. of body weight (no more than 125 grams per day). 1egg = 8 grams protein. 6-8oz. of chicken, beef, or fish = 25-30 grams of protein. 1 scoop Young Protein Powder = 30 grams. Q: Will the program make me constipated? A: We find that aloe capsules are the best way to handle occasional constipation.

Q: What does the A/B Balance (drops) do?
A: It Stabilizes pH levels in the body in order to maximize mineral absorption and optimize performance of body systems.

Q: Is the Fruit of the Spirit an important component to the over all effectiveness?
A: Yes, because it is a wholefood “puree” and not merely juice or juice extracts, it has numerous benefits.